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In this course we teach you the frame work for the "living Yoga Method" which consists of 25 postures and 2 powerful breathing techniques. This frame work will then spring board you into the Living Yoga practice taking you deeper on your Yogic journey.

The Course is for complete beginners to regular practitioners of Yoga. Guided relaxation to close the class will leave you feeling restored.


So what will you learn? see an overview of the course below;

Week.1 - Waking up the body - Introduction to Double Breathing stage 1, Pulsing, Asana Mountain, Sun, Moon flow, Shavasana relaxation.


Week.2 -Warrior Mindset - Stage 2 Double breathing, Introduction to your ocean breath (ujjai), The vagus nerve, Warrior flow, Shavasana relaxation


Week 3. - The Balance & Rhythm of Life - Double breathing stage 3, The 6/6 rhythm, Six Keys, Tandva Kriya (Balancing flow), Shavasana relaxation


Week 4. - Opening up & letting go , Double breathing complete practice, Cold water challenge (totally optional!!) Swan Flow Hamasa Kriya, Shavasasna Relaxation


Week 5. - Super Posture week, Double breathing, Long Hold flow Mahakalya Kriya, Shavasana relaxation


Week 6. The Spinal Journey, Double breathing, Its time to twist, lift and bow Shavasana


Week 7. The Living Yoga Method - Its our completion week and we put everything together in one beautiful flow and you are now a living yogi!!


This is a 7 week course - £49

We also offer a 4 week course - £32 

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