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A Victorious Breath - Ujjayi

Ujjayi means ‘victorious’ it is said to bring victory over all obstacles, but most importantly, it is victory over our very own bodies and minds.

Ujjayi is unique amongst pranayama practices as it can be practiced anytime, anyplace and in any posture. In the Living Yoga Method, we use the Ujjayi breath in a 6/6 rhythm and is an important component of our asana practice.

Ujjayi is also known as the OCEAN breath because you use a slow, deep breath, through the nostrils, with a constriction in the throat that makes the breath audible and controllable. This allows us to slow down our movements and bring greater attention, grace and ease to the postures.

The only way out is in. The Ujjayi breath internalizes our focus, bringing us inside the body. It helps to balance out and calm the nervous system and also creates clarity of mind.

It is a powerful yogic tool which breaks down tension and guides you through each movement helping you ease into each posture

How to do the UJJAYI

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