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Activate the Sun in your system.

The Surya Kriya has the potential to active the solar energy that is stored in your system and light up your life.

Surya means Sun and Kriya means movement of energy - The Surya Kriya helps to balance our nervous system, regulate our hormonal, bring heat into all of our muscle groups, lubricate all our joints and recharge our inner battery.

The Kriya consists of 12 postures that have been weaved together using 12 Ujjayi breaths in a 12 second cycle taking 144 seconds to complete one round.

It also reflects the rhythm of the universe in its cycles of 24 hours in a day, 12 zodiac phases of the year and the 11-12-year cycle of the sun.

Surya Kriya is a system designed by yogis to bring our system back into harmony with the rhythms of the universe by gradually realigning our own inner biorhythms with the cycle of the sun.

As we start to move into summer the Sunrise Sadhana course takes a deeper dive into to this fantastic practice.

Join our Sunrise Sadhana and kick off your morning with solar energy!

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