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Cold Water Therapy

Meeting the cold requires a focused mind but once you make that decision, it only takes 1 minute to start gaining the benefits. All you have to do is turn the shower from hot to Cold. … EASY!

Why its good for you and how will it help you take back control!

• A cold shower will give you a cardiovascular workout by causing your arteries to dilate and constrict making them stronger. This will also lower your blood pressure and take pressure off your heart

• Detoxifies your body by contracting your Lymph vessels which pump fluid throughout and gets everything moving.

• Produces brown fat (instead of bad white fat, that clings to your body) which burns brightly helping you to lose weight

• You will be less likely to become sick

• Improve your mood by alleviating anxiety. The cold activates the sympathetic nervous system, increases blood flow to the brain raising levels of beta endorphin, norepinephrine and dopamine.

• Clears brain fog, leaving you alert focused and ready for anything • The shock protein that is produced can even help prevent the onset of dementia and in some cases reverse some of the damaging effects

• You will start taking back control of your mind and believing in yourself, knowing you have the strength and ability to overcome anything!

Up for it?? Let’s get cold

Take the 30-day cold water challenge!

Your mind will try and talk you out of it, ‘why am I doing this?’ ‘It doesn’t work’ ‘ I can’t be bothered’ But DON’T listen to it… Make it NON-NEGOTABLE …. If you do this, it will literally show your mind who is BOSS, you are cultivating resistance.

Step 1 Start with a nice warm shower

Step 2 Your breath is your friend, so before you turn that dial to cold , take a few deep breaths

Step 3 Start you first day on 30 secs in the cold and that’s it!!

Goals for the cold

Days 1 to 5 …….30 secs in the cold

Days 6 to 10……1 minute in the cold

Days 11 to 15…. 1 min 30 sec minutes in the cold

Days 16 to 20… 2 minutes in the cold

Days 20 to 25…… 2 minutes 30 sec minutes in the cold

Days 26 to 30 … 3 minutes in the cold 30 days – you smashed it! Well done.

Double breathing and Cold water therapy are free and available for all of us.

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