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Living Yoga for real people, connecting you back to your body, breath and mind.

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Free Taster Course

Forest Trees

You can feel good! 

Where to begin? We are currently living in an uncertain world and have lost our alignment to traditional and indigenous ways. Yoga's origins can be traced back to ancient Indian philosophy, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of living in harmony with nature.

Following the Earth's natural rhythm's combined with the Living Yoga Method gives us a deep-rooted framework for practicing yoga, individuals can deepen their practice and gain a greater appreciation for the natural world.

If this resonates with you, try the taster course.

Sunrise Sadhana 

When you wake up early to practice yoga, the course of your day is altered. If you continue to do this, you will alter the course of your life.

Practice the Living yoga method every morning which is supported by the Earth's natural rhythms.

Streaming Live from the beautiful island of Penang

Monday - Thursday 0630AM UK 30 Minutes 

Fridays 10AM UK 1 Hour

Only £10 per term - Committed to Affordable Wellness 

Break Time Breathe 

Starting SEP 2023

Join our Free 20 minute Break Time Breathing session, Streamed every Monday, LIVE from the island of Penang @12PM UK time.

Reset your system with the Living Yoga Method revolutionary 'Double Breathing Technique'

Go on, give yourself a break!! 

Yoga with Kerry

Kerry is a very talented and dedicated yoga instructor. She told me all about the breathing techniques and how to manage my stress levels in daily life. I am a beginner and Kerry opened up a new world for me!

Kirsten, Chilworth

What they are saying   

“The Macintyre group have loved our Thursday sessions with Inner hippy yoga, its inclusive for both men and women and they  try every thing. They all work to their own abilities and are able to participate fully. We have seen a marked improvement in mobility and balance. We would highly recommend Kerry to any groups!  Thank you"

Donna & Ange 

Macintyre Charity Supporting Adults with learning disabilities


"I have never really practiced yoga before because i thought i wasnt flexible enough, but i have learned so much from Kerry and the living Yoga Method, its changed everything! I love the double breathing and have really enjoyed the Introduction course at the Shanti rooms - Thank you for everything Inner Hippy Yoga!

 Joanne Tizard NHS Technician 

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