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Living Yoga for real people, connecting you back to your body, breath and mind.

Living Yoga Method
The elements of the Inner Hippy Yoga and the Living Yoga Method - Breath Body Mind Fire Ice
Kerry Husbands yoga teacher and breath work coach friendly accessible hatha practice for all ages genders and body types. Change your life. Great for physical and mental health
Forest Trees

Where to begin?

Start here with 5 free sessions of

Inner Hippy Yoga

Our free videos include an introduction to the Living Yoga Method and our incredible life changing double breathing


 Sessions 1-4 are 30 minutes long & Session 5 is 1 hour

Free Taster Course

Sunrise Sadhana 

Live Yoga Online

Every Monday 0630AM





When you wake up early to practice yoga, the course of your day is altered. If you continue to do this, you will alter the course of your life.

Practice the Living yoga method every morning which is supported by the Earth's natural rhythms.

Streaming Live from the beautiful island of Penang.



Committed to Affordable Wellness  

Every Monday







0630am GMT (UK) 30 Minutes 

Starts Monday 06th Nov 2023

On Demand  

Click on the tab below to access our ever growing On-Demand library and practice whenever and wherever suits you.

The library offers hundreds of hours of recorded live sessions, uploaded every week from both the 30minute and 1hour classes.


Choose a seasonal practice
 all of this for only £15

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Breath Work

Double Breathing

Double breathing is a practice, unique to the Living Yoga Method. It will detoxify, oxygenate, energise, and rejuvenate your body.


It will free your mind from its mental and emotional breathing patterns bringing

you into dynamic stillness.


If you would like to learn how to double breathe click below for the free video


Working with Inner Hippy Yoga...  

Shanti Rooms - Joanne Tizard NHS Technician

"I have never really practiced yoga before because i thought i wasnt flexible enough, but i have learned so much from Kerry and the living Yoga Method, it's changed everything! I love the double breathing and have really enjoyed the Introduction course at the Shanti rooms - Thank you for everything Inner Hippy Yoga!"

The Macintyre Charity Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities Donna & Angie

"Our Macintyre group have loved our Thursday sessions with Inner hippy yoga over the past year, its inclusive for both men and women and they try everything. They all work to their own abilities and are able to participate fully. We have seen a marked improvement in mobility and balance. We would highly recommend Kerry to any groups!Thank you"


 Teaching Yoga and Wellness in Schools (ages 3 - 16)


Sessions are bespoke and varied and can range from fun storytelling yoga to small groups or movement meditation & breath sessions to whole year groups or more. These images show Kerry inspiring and guiding over 150 students and teachers through a double breath session in an International school setting.  

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Stonyhurst school gym.jpg
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