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Somewhere deep inside us all is an Inner hippy waiting to be unleashed!

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Would you like to learn how yoga really works and what it can do for you? 

Inner Hippy Yoga is a simple and direct yoga practice that masterfully weaves ancient wisdom within a modern framework. Our teaching will gift you all the tools you need to transform your life...whatever your age, condition, background or gender. 

Healthy joints, improved posture, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and resilience are just some of the natural health benefits of adopting this powerful and spiritual, immunity boosting practice.  


Its simplicity is key to its effectiveness, 25 traditional postures skillfully blended with a range of breathing techniques that guide you blissfully back into harmony with nature.

We would love you to join us on the journey to freedom, so check out our lessons and events page for more information. You can also subscribe below for our news letter and new class updates.

"The Living Yoga method is using yogic science to fine tune the human experience"




Yoga for the heart and voice 



07.15pm - 08.30pm 



Live Stream from Penang Malaysia 

How you wake up in the morning will determine the success of your life! 

Monday 0630am UK 30 mins 

Tuesday  0630am UK 30 mins 

Wednesday 0630am UK 30 mins  

Thursday 0630am UK 30 mins 

Friday  1000am UK - 1 hour full practice 

Coming Soon - Starting September 2022 

Due to the rising costs in the UK, we are offering a special rate intructory rate of £10 for the the next few month's, so we can support your morning sunrise sadhna (practice) 

This includes replays and training manual  




Kerry Husbands

Kerry is a deeply passionate and knowledgeable student of yoga whose teaching reflects her own dynamic and spiritual journey. With over 20 years of experience on the mat, Kerry expertly shares her love and devotion for yoga, and its life-changing potential, with a simplicity and a joy that reflects her peaceful nature.

​After officially qualifying as a teacher of yoga in 2016, Kerry continued her spiritual quest with yogi, Steve Harrison (Yoga Sanctuary) and The Living Yoga Method, an inspirational practice that reflected Kerry’s own ideas and beliefs on life, yoga and beyond. The method was born out of the wisdom and science of traditional Hatha yoga but masterfully distilled by Steve to ensure that this ancient discipline remains accessible to everyone while still able to stretch, motivate, and fire up even the most experienced yogi.  

Traditional asana (physical postures), combine skillfully with meditation and breathing to help students move effortlessly towards their own individual goals and spiritual aspirations. Through dedicated practice students instinctively take control of their own body and minds moving effortlessly towards consciousness, spiritual insight and incredible physical and mental wellbeing.

So, if you would like to join us here at Inner Hippy Yoga then please do get in touch but make sure that if you do, be prepared to dive deep, smile, and most importantly…inhale, exhale and heal. ​​

Kerry is a very talented and dedicated yoga instructor. She told me all about the breathing techniques and how to manage my stress levels in daily life. I am a beginner and Kerry opened up a new world for me!

Kirsten, Chilworth


“The Macintyre group have loved our Thursday sessions with Inner hippy yoga, its inclusive for both men and women and they  try every thing. They all work to their own abilities and are able to participate fully. We have seen a marked improvement in mobility and balance. We would highly recommend Kerry to any groups!  Thank you  

— Donna & Ange  Macintyre Charity Supporting Adults with learning disabilities


"I have never really practiced yoga before because i thought i wasnt flexible enough, but i have learned so much from Kerry and the living Yoga Method, its changed everything! I love the double breathing and have really enjoyed the Introduction course at the Shanti rooms - Thank you for everything Inner hippy Yoga!

— Joanne Tizard NHS Technician