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The key to Inner Hippy Yoga is using the earth's natural cyclical rhythms combined with the Living Yoga method to create a beautiful practice of movement & breath work.

Like everything in life, yoga flows and pulses…beautifully reflecting the patterns of nature. Through expert control of the breath and the body, Inner Hippy Yoga takes you through a moving meditation that guides you blissfully back into harmony with life.

The Living Yoga method consists of:





Double breathing is a practice, unique to the Living Yoga Method. It will detoxify, oxygenate, energise, rejuvenate your body.


It will free your mind from its mental & emotional patterns bringing you into a dynamic stillness

The Yogic philosophy & science (handed down to me by my teacher Steve Harrison) has been specifically woven into the practice to help you understand the method.


This will in turn help you to understand your mind.

25 Asanas (postures) expertly selected and woven together into a beautiful practice.


Guided by a 6/6 rhythm where we move with a PULSE and are lead by the UJJAYI breath, this practice is unique to the living yoga method.


You can also choose to dive even deeper into the method by adding the exhilarating and life enhancing benefits of "Cold Water Training" into your daily practice.

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When you are ready and have mastered the basics of the the living yoga method, we can then introduce you to a simple but effective ancient yogic technique that will fire up your digestive system. We also use the fire element (sauna) to warm up your body before we enter the cold water training. 

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The living yoga method was developed by Steve Harrison, a truly inspiring Yogi!

He has shared his knowledge and wisdom so that this beautiful method can be passed on from teacher to student.  

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