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Heal your skin

If you suffer with Psoriasis or a skin condition, then this could help you.

I suffered with psoriasis for years and was prescribed steroid creams and light treatment but nothing worked. When I took my health into my own hands I cleared my skin in 8 months using an Alkaline Diet, lots of Yoga and Probiotics.

Here's how I started in the first 2 months ;

When I wake up in the morning I image that my tummy is empty, clear and ready to absorb all the healing herbs I am just about to give it before it starts the day digesting all the other foods.

My Medicine Morning

  • COLD WATER THERAPY I take a warm shower and then turn the tap to cold!

  • YOGA I practice the Living Yoga Method; Double breathing, 20mins asana's, Shivasana

  • CLEAR I start by drinking a pint of lemon water to clear the way and take a probiotic

  • HEAL Whilst I do this I juice a whole celery - Celery Juice is a healing herb, check out the medicine medium for loads of information on this I wait a minimum of 15 mins to let the celery juice work its magic on my intestinal track and gut.

  • PROTECT I drink a warm cup of Slippery Elm Bark tea – (Recommended by Dr Pageno in Healing Psoriasis) This tea will coat the insides of the intestinal wall and help heal the damage called leaky gut .

  • NOURISH I then finish with either a green smoothie – Which includes heaps of spinach, banana's plus any fruit I like – I add a tea spoon of spirulina powder and wheat grass.

Matt Ludwigg is amazing, he does something similar and he is such an inspiration, you have to check out his website/ Face book page and courses – He is a warrior for psoriasis sufferers…. He helped me clear my skin and I would highly recommend him :) Hannah Sillitoe is another great champion for healing psoriasis and skin conditions.

I then go and enjoy the rest of the day knowing I am healing and already free!

If you would like to know a full list of everything I did then please email me, it would be a pleasure to send to you ; details

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